August 2017 Meeting Minutes

July 2017 Meeting Minutes
July 30, 2017
Summer 2017 — Palmer​ ​Lake​ ​Newsletter
September 12, 2017

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: President, Glenyce Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Roll Call: Present: President, Glenyce Jackson, 1 st Vice President, Carol L. Opalinski, Treasurer, Sharon Keefer, Secretary Anthony Higginson, and Alternates, Linda Niles, Jeffery Prestage, Patrick Pockat.
Excused: 2 nd Vice President, Suzanne Hickel
Members present: Barbara Haley, Les Friedman

President’s Report: Deputy notified President Jackson of a burglary outside the neighborhood due to items being found along a trail into the community green space. Some of the items stolen could possibly be firearms related which is why the Deputy made the notification.

Approval of Minutes: Carrington Mortgage misidentified as owner of sign property, needed to be changed to managers of property. Date for next board meeting was listed as the date for September instead of August. Jeffery Prestage motioned to accept the July Minutes with said corrections. Seconded by Carol Opalinski, and it was passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Keefer presented the Treasurer’s Report for July 2017. There is $144,762.20 in checking and savings, and $51,441.15 in CD’s for a total of $196,203.35. Total income for July 2017 was $17,277.45 and total expense was $4,979.38. Carol Opalinski motioned to accept the July Treasurer report as read.
Seconded by Jeffery Prestage, and it passed.

The board discussed the expectation of hours to be worked by PLBC employees Rich Goad and Ricky Stepp. I was agreed upon by the board that Rich would discuss with Ricky about evenly distributing the workload.

Unfinished Business: PLBC Website: Website is running well. Minutes and other items are being provided to the company, Fingers Duke, by Secretary Anthony Higginson.

Newsletter: The Board discussed the best way to dispense the printed newsletters. It was decided the newsletter would be sent with the General Meeting notice.

Welcome Committee: Suzanne Heckel and Janet Anderson visited 2 new residents.

Permanently Occupied Travel Trailers: Linda Niles sent out four notices. One resident responded the trailer in question was presently vacant. One resident responded that they have a permit to occupy the trailer during construction. The other two notices did not receive a response.

New Business: Possible Improvements to the Community: The Board discussed ideas to improve our neighborhood. Several ideas were presented including adding a second swimming dock, adding playground toys to the South Beach, and installing a security system. Patrick Pockat and Jeffery Prestage accepted the assignment to coordinate bids for installing quality security equipment throughout the neighborhood.

Next Board Meeting: September 28th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the shed on the South Beach. Next General Membership Meeting scheduled for October 14th.

Adjournment: 8:19 p.m.