January 2018 Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2017
Upcoming Spring General Meeting
March 5, 2018

January 2018 Meeting Minutes


January 25, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: President, Glenyce Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call:  Present:  President, Glenyce Jackson, 1st Vice President, Carol L. Opalinski, Treasurer, Sharon Keefer, and Secretary Anthony Higginson. Alternates, Linda Niles, Jeffery Prestage, Patrick Pockat. Maintenance Rick Goad

Absent: 2nd Vice President, Suzanne Hickel

Members present: Delores Starr, Roger Keefer

Visitors: PLBC Attorney John Spencer, Scott and Anne Walther

President’s Report:  Deputy Report: Two main offenders from backpack group taken into custody but are presently out and have a new vehicle they drive around the neighborhood.

A motion was made by Sharon Keefer to continue the summer patrol schedule for the remainder of the fiscal year. Seconded by Anthony Higginson and it passed.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes read by Sharon Keefer. Carol Opalinski made a motion to accept the November minutes. Seconded by Jeffery Prestage, and it was passed.

Correspondence: Jeffery Prestage received a letter regarding the sign property stating it was now owned by the mortgage company.

Lake Drainage: PLBC Attorney John Spencer with Scott and Anne Walther presented their proposal for the outflow of the lake. The Walther’s have purchased the Bor property and intend to support PLBC in restoring the overflow. The Attorney is waiting on the County to approve the proposal and the Board will then decide to approve. The Board is in favor of the proposal and is in agreement to the terms as presently written and a motion was made and passed to confirm the Boards stance.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon Keefer presented the Treasurer’s Report as of December 2017. There is $142,760.01 in checking and savings, and $51,517.28 in CD’s for a total of $205,792.99. Notices sent to residents who are delinquent on dues. Tax documents were prepared and dispersed. Carol Opalinski motioned to accept the Treasurer report as read. Seconded by Glenyce Jackson, and it was passed.

New Treasurer Computer: Glenyce Jackson made a motion to purchase a new computer for the treasurer to replace failing unit used for PLBC. Seconded by Jeffery Prestage and it passed.

Unfinished Business: Sprinkler System: Rich Goad reported the system will be complicated and requested assistance from someone with knowledge about the subject. Carol Opalinski will get Rich in touch with someone she knows.

Security System: Patrick Pockat and Jeffery Prestage continue to gather additional information. Jeffrey will contact ADT and inform them we are still investigating different options.

Realty Updates: Jeffery Prestage presented options for agents that would be able to represent PLBC if an opportunity presents itself to purchase the sign property.

Street Lights: Peninsula light reported the cost per light would be $100, and it would cost $11.70 to operate each 100 LED unit. 22 lights have been proposed, waiting to hear from Penlight about would areas would be proper candidates for lights. Carol Opalinski motioned to spend the funds needed for the proposed street lights. Seconded by Sharon Keefer and it passed. Jeffery Prestage was opposed.

Permanently Occupied Travel Trailers: Linda Niles reported no progress from Pierce County. She continues to refresh her reports.

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee: Jeffery Prestage reported that Mr. Perry was interested in being part of the Board. He was also intent on recruiting Heather Winter.

Audit Committee: Lost member Brenda Goody, Glenyce Jackson to replace her.

Budget Committee: Thus far everything is in order.

New Business: Spring Cleanup: Sharon Keefer made a motion to rent a dumpster for an annual neighborhood cleanup, possibly in April. Seconded by Jeffery Prestage and it passed.    

Algae Bloom: Possible cause of the algae bloom is ducks, geese, septic tanks too close to the lake, lawns that get flooded.

South Beach Improvement: Linda Niles suggested sprucing up the south beach parking area. Rich will regrade the gravel and do landscaping in the area.

New Maintenance Helper: Glenyce Jackson made a motion to hire a new helper for Rich Goad. Ricky Stapp unable to perform the duties. Ed Woods was presented as a candidate. Seconded by Anthony Higginson and it passed.

Carol Opalinski made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Anthony Higginson and passed.

Next Board Meeting:  February 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the shed on the South Beach.

Adjournment:  8:26 p.m.