New Resident Info

Welcome Home!

Let us be the first to welcome you to our neck of the woods! We hope you will be happy here and enjoy every day just the way we have!

Thank you for choosing Palmer Lake to be you’re home! We hope you find this information helpful, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will see to it that you’re questions are answered.

As we all know moving into a new area and trying to locate all the numbers to local services can be a challenge! Here is a list of some helpful numbers that we think can help make your life a little easier.


Call 911 for crimes in progress!

Pierce County Police: 253-798-4721 for crimes no longer in progress

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Key Peninsula Fire Department: 253-884-2222

Animal Control: 253-798-6500

Health Department: 253-798-6500


Evergreen Elementary: 1820 Key Peninsula Highway, 253-530-1300. Evergreen ECAP 253-530-1358 or 253-530-1168 for registration information.  Key Peninsula COOP Preschool at Evergreen  253-530-1358 

Vaughn Elementary: 17521 Hall Road KPN, 253-530-4700 Vaughn ECAP 253-530-4761 or 253-530-1168 for registration information. Key Peninsula COOP Preschool at Vaughn 253-530-4671

Key Peninsula Middle School: 5510 Key Peninsula Highway KPN, 253-530-4200

Peninsula High School: 14105 Purdy Drive NW, 253-530-4400

More Information: Visit PSD401.NET to find arrival and dismissal times, school delays and closures, bus routes, and more.


Power: Peninsula Power Co. 253-857-5950 or 1-888-809-8021

Water: Washington Water Service Co. 877-480-4060

Garbage: Murray’s Disposal Co. 253-414-0345

ADT: 1-866-487-5290


Cenurylink:, 1-800-201-4099

Wave Brodband:, 1-884-882-1180

Dish:, 1-855-389-4274

DirectTV:, 1-855-229-4388


Hemley’s Septic: 253-884-5474

Express Septic Service: 253-851-9925

Flow Hawks: 1-800-356-4295


Maritime Propane: 253-225-7434

APP Propane: 253-627-6179