September 2017 Meeting Minutes

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September 12, 2017
October 2017 Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2017

September 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: President, Glenyce Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Present: President, Glenyce Jackson, 1 st Vice President, Carol L. Opalinski, 2 nd Vice President, Suzanne Hickel, Treasurer, Sharon Keefer, Secretary Anthony Higginson, and Alternates, Linda Niles, Jeffery Prestage, Maintenance Rick Goad and Ricky Stepp

Excused: Alternate Patrick Pockat.

Members present: Chris Kruger, Delores Starr, Miriam Goad

President’s Report: Deputy Report: Patrols scheduled to be reduced to once per
week for wall and winter. Cost to keep twice per week patrol is approximately $800.
Anthony Higginson made a motion to delay the reduction for one additional month.
Seconded by Sue Hickel, and it was passed.

Maintenance Report: Rich Goad made a request to trim branches on trees located on
the West side of the South beach. These would be trimmed from the ground up to
approximately seven feet for improved visibility and enhance the usage of that area
for members. The request was granted.
Burning at the North beach would be taking place by the Maintenance staff during
various cleanup activities. Cleared to burn by the Fire Department.
Property by Lake Drive greenbelt recently sold. Discussion about possible impact
took place and the decision was made to mark out the greenbelt to prevent cutting and
infringement. A survey company may need to be hired to perform this task. Linda
Niles agreed to check and see if any permits were currently in place to add septic or
other utilities to any of the parcels.

Approval of Minutes: Glenyce Jackson motioned to accept the July Minutes as
written. Seconded by Sue Hickel, and it was passed.
Correspondence: Anthony Higginson read prepared letter to be sent to Susan Horton
about graffiti located at 19302 24th Ave KP S, Lakebay, WA 98349. The letter was
accepted as written and will be sent.
Sue Hickel brought up a concern about dead trees that posed a danger. Both residents
where the trees are located deny the responsibility to address the issue. Glenyce
Jackson agreed to send a certified letters to each resident to assist in resolving the
issue and prevent harm or damage.

Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Keefer presented the Treasurer’s Report for September
2017. There is $142,032.74 in checking and savings, and $51,460.13 in CD’s for a
total of $193,492.87. Total income for August 2017 was $8,138.93 and total expense
was $11,007.96 (Annual insurance premium of $7, 438.00). Carol Opalinski
motioned to accept the August Treasurer report as read. Seconded by Anthony Higginson, and it was passed. Payment to FingersDuke for maintaining the PLBC website was made. Yearly Budget was reported to be approximately $54,000.

Unfinished Business: Sprinkler estimates: Discussion of the proposal from last meeting to evaluate the cost of adding sprinklers to the South beach and play field took place. A proposal was made to form a sprinkler committee to handle getting estimates.

Security System info: A meeting with security company ADT had been made for 10/02/2017 at 1500 hours. Patrick Pockat and Jeffery Prestage would be representing the board, with any additional board members available requested to be present. Jeffery Prestage also suggested looking for additional residents that would be willing to have cameras for the community security system placed on their structures much like his offer to place one on his barn at the South beach.

Realty Updates: Jeffery Prestage reported that the sale of the property belonging to Mr. Bor where the old overflow of the lake had been was currently underway. The prospective buyer was willing to allow access to the property and an easement for emergency discharge of the lake water. The perspective buyer made a proposal as follows: the PLBC would be responsible for maintaining the emergency outflow, a hold harmless agreement would be signed to protect the property owner in the event the outflow caused damaged to any adjacent properties. In exchange for the easement access the perspective buyer desired access to the common areas of the lake for fishing and swimming. A Discussion over a reciprocal hold harmless agreement for any incidents that may occur at the lake took place. Carol Opalinski made a motion to have Jeffery Prestage represent the PLBC board and draft an agreement based on the requested terms. Seconded by Anthony Higginson, and it was passed.

Jeffery Prestage also reported the sign property would most likely make it to market in the spring of 2018.

Permanently Occupied Travel Trailers: Linda Niles reported that she has received no permit information for any of the notification sent out. After 61 days trailers are reported to Pierce County.

Aug. 7              2016 191st Ave. KpS    RV actually on lake drive

Aug. 8              19511 28th St. KpS     Says he has permits, but none on PC web-site.

Aug. 25            1717 190th Ave. KpS

Aug. 28            2207 Lake Dr. KpS     Original Trailer moved. New trailer 9/25.  

Property 1614 190TH Ave. reported to the county. Male moved in at the request of property owner to clean up property and remove old 5th wheel. There is considerable amounts of garbage on property due to the man breaking down the 5th wheel on site. Several reports to the Sheriff’s office due to loud music and shouting after hours.

New Business:  Safe Streets: Sue Hickel and Jeffery Prestage expressed a desire to attend the Safe Streets meeting that would be overlapping the Fall General Membership meeting. A discussion about them attending part of both meeting took place. Delores Starr reported that support after last month’s Citizens Against Crime meeting dwindled with very little follow participation by local residents.

Vigilantes: There was a great deal of concern expressed over residents who had been patrolling the neighborhood armed and confronting residents on their own property and others around the neighborhood. The board agreed to make a statement that we do not endorse nor offer any support to vigilante behavior.

Street Lights: A previous General Membership meeting, from an as of yet unknown date, included a passed motion to add new street lights each year as needed. Glenyce Jackson agreed to evaluate which locations would benefit from street lights.

Security System Proposal: Jeffery Prestage had made proposal to compensate owner occupied homes in the neighborhood up to $100 for purchasing security systems for their home. After discussion by the Board it was decided the proposal would be tabled until next Board meeting.

Derelict Properties: Sue Hickel reported that she spoke to Mr. Lapino about the burned property near the South Beach. He informed her it could take years to get the property cleaned up and no actions on the part of the property owner have taken place. Jeffery Prestage commented that he spoke to the Pierce County Sheriff who said cleaning up derelict properties was being made a priority within the county. Linda Niles filed several complaint on properties in July and expect two to three years for the process to be complete.

Active Development: The Nimeric property owner report they are prepping for septic. A different property recently tore down a mobile.

Next Board Meeting:  October 26th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the shed on the South Beach. Next General Membership Meeting scheduled for October 14th.

Adjournment:  8:49 p.m