Welcome to Palmer Lake Beach Club!

Our neck of the woods

Palmer Lake is a neighborhood located on the Key Peninsula. We are 16 miles from Purdy/Gig Harbor and have over five hundred lots within the community. Palmer Lake is diverse with retirees, young families & singles. We are a happy friendly place. You will see many walking their dogs on leash around the lake especially when the weather is nice. It is a great way to stop & say hi and get to know your neighbors! Consider making Palmer Lake your new home, we would love to have you!

Facebook Group

Visit the Facebook group run by your neighbors (not the HOA). There you can find dates to upcoming meetings, BBQs, fundraisers, lost and found, and so much more! Click the button below or search “Palmer Lake Residents Only Info Page”. There are also one or more generic Facebook pages that Realtors sometimes post homes for sale. We are always looking for new faces, new ideas and ways to improve our community. See the Facebook Group

HOA Board Meetings

The Home Owners Association Board positions are all volunteers and all work hard. It is amazing what can be accomplished. It is ongoing and the more people that unite for each other and our community the more positive results we will have!

Palmer Lake's HOA conducts monthly board meetings on the 4th Thursday of every month. We do not meet in December. We meet at the South location across from the lake in the middle building. We also conduct two semi-annual General Membership Meetings, one in March and one in October. These are held at the HOME Fire Station on a Saturday. A notice is mailed out before these two meetings to all members in the community of Palmer Lake. All are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings. Questions or concerns can be added to the agenda by calling the Palmer Lake number at (253) 884-1414. Please leave a message.

Most Recent News

Here's the scoop from the most recent Palmer Lake Beach Club board meetings!
April 9, 2018

Spring Cleanup — April 14th, 2018

Palmer Lake Beach Club Spring Cleanup  Saturday April 14th. There will be a  dumpster truck at the South Beach from 10 AM to 5PM. Items not accepted electronics toxic and hazardous items automotive or cleaning fluids paint and chemicals refrigerators. Mattresses […]
March 5, 2018

Upcoming Spring General Meeting

Dear Palmer Lake Beach Club Members,     Spring is just around the corner (even if Winter has been here the past few days) and the time is near for the semi-annual General Membership Meeting. This year the meeting will be […]
January 27, 2018

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

PALMER LAKE BEACH CLUB January 25, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes Call to Order: President, Glenyce Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Roll Call:  Present:  President, Glenyce Jackson, 1st Vice President, Carol L. Opalinski, Treasurer, Sharon Keefer, and Secretary […]

Our Lovely Lake

Here's some photos of Palmer Lake provided by members of the community.

  • lakehouse
  • aerial view of park
  • aerial view of lake
  • swimmers on the dock
  • lakeside
  • fog on the lake
  • Palmer Lake dusk
  • Palmer Lake Cloudy Day
  • Palmer Lake rainbow
  • Palmer Lake boaters
  • Palmer Lake swimmers
  • Family feeding the ducks
  • sunny day at the lake
  • kids splashing in the lake