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2020 Spring General Membership Meeting

The Spring 2020 General Membership Meeting has been scheduled for May 30th, from 10:00am ~ 12:00 noon at the Longbranch Improvement Club, at 4312 Key Peninsula Hwy, south of Evergreen Elementary.  Meeting notices are being mailed on 4-22-20 and emailed to those members who have authorized email communications of official notices.  We look forward to seeing you there!

April Board Meeting

The regularly scheduled Board Meeting for April has been cancelled due to the need for social distancing.  We will resume our normal board meeting schedule in May.

FY 2020~2021 Dues Billing Soon

Just as a reminder, the annual dues billing will be sent out around the end of May/beginning of June which has been our normal practice for years.  Your dues are due no later than July 1, 2020.  If your dues are paid after July 30th, the membership's rules require us to charge a late fee equal to the dues amount.  Please pay on time, and please note the membership does not allow us to waive late fees.  Even if you do not receive an invoice, you are still obligated to pay the dues ($150 per year).  Please pay on time.  You can mail payment to our mailing address (check or money order, no cash please).  We are working to get our pay-online tool re-established, and hope to have it done on time for spring payments.

Community Improvements Update

In the next couple of weeks the permit will be issued and construction then can be scheduled to start on the lake drainage system.  .

Community Development Committee

As we move forward with the lake drainage project, we are also soliciting member participation in a Community Development Committee (CDC).  The CDC needs your help to make recommendations on how to improve the community.  For example, building a nice play area with play equipment on South Beach after the drainage project is completed is one idea that has been floated.  In order for the Board to take proposals to the membership, we need to hear the voice of the community, and the first step is to use the CDC.  We need your participation and voice.  If you want to join the CDC, please send an email to PLBC with the subject line "CDC", and you will be added.  To be on the CDC, you need to be an owner in good standing.

Bathroom Lock System Change

The locks on the bathrooms at both ends of the lake are push-button code locks.  Each month the codes will change, and the new code will be emailed to all members who have registered their email.  This will reduce the lost keys, and unauthorized access problems.   Please click on the "register your email" tab at the top to complete the form and register your email. 

Lien Fee Increase

As your HOA continues it's collection actions on past due accounts, effective 10-24-2019 the cost of Liens applied to past due accounts will increase from $185 to $244.50, reflecting the increase in filing costs by Pierce County, as well as HOA bookkeeping costs.  In the coming weeks, all accounts which are past due $600.00 or more will have liens recorded on their deeds, consistent with historical collection policy.