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June 1st HOA Member Barbeque

On June 1st at 4:30pm at Sunny Beach (by the HOA offices), there is a member barbeque.  Your HOA President has donated an 80lb pig roast, you just need to bring your other main & side dishes and beverages.  Your grills and coolers are welcome, and it should be a great time with the kids in the water, and adults getting to know each other better. 

Bathroom Lock System Change

As discussed in the March General Membership Meeting, the locks on the bathrooms at both ends of the lake are changing to push-button code locks.  Each month the codes will change, and the new code will be emailed to all members who have registered their email.  This will reduce the lost keys, and unauthorized access problems.  

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Updated Bylaws

At the March 23rd, 2019 General Membership Meeting, the Members approved revised Bylaws which at available for download at the "The HOA" tab of this website.